So many thank-yous are in order!! Our Spring Concert Series of seven Spring Concerts could not have been accomplished without the help, support, and expertise of the following individuals. In no particular order, Encore would like to thank: Scott Nicholas for his marathon of expert accompaniments; Caitlin Chase, Brian Dollaway, Lea Botta, Scott Nicholas, Ryan Manning, Jon Ustin, Becki Abalutzk, Ronald Hawkins, and Don Krishnaswami for their support and preparation of their students for our concerts, and for their highly competent instruction of their students; Caitlin Chase for her expert direction of our ensembles, as well as her tireless efforts behind the scenes yesterday; Lili LaBine and Becca Peters for their unflagging efforts behind the scenes yesterday; the students of Encore for sharing their talents; the parents, grandparents, and families for their support of music and for sharing their children with us; our support staff, Jennifer Jacobs, Nicole Dreier, and Brianna Murch, for all their efforts on our behalf; to our own families for putting up with our long hours and crazy schedules; and, finally, to my business partner, co-owner, and friend, Patrick Dreier, for all he does and all he is. Encore Music Academy and Recording Studios is what we are because of all of you – we are truly grateful. THANK YOU!!