Essay contest winners announced!!!

It has been almost two months since we announced the “Your Words, Your Music” Essay Contest, here at Encore Music Academy and Recording Studios. We were delighted over the number of inquiries and submissions. We are incredibly happy to announce the names of the three winners.

Collin Kane of Attleboro, MA, whose essay spoke of a long-term relationship with music as well as the feelings of “love, acceptance and beauty” that he wants to share with people through his music. We were most impressed with the philanthropic theme of his essay and we are honored to be able to contribute to the fulfillment of his musical goals.

Noah Denzer of Norfolk, MA, spoke to seizing the day and capturing the moment. We are pleased to be able to give the proper attention to his words and music so he can continue to share them with his community.

Finally, Alanna Huling of Franklin, MA, whose essay illustrated how music inspires her, and how she continues to grow through her exposure and exploration of music. We look forward to being a part of her music career as she endeavors to inspire others.

Congratulations to all three winners.