The Royal Conservatory of Music: A Certificate Program

New Announcement!

The results are in from the last round of Royal Conservatory Assessments, and we are so proud to announce that Encore has not just one, but TWO gold medal recipients!!!!

Claire Bauer, voice student of Director, Lisa Ostrow , and Maura Johnston, voice student of Instructor, Becki Waters Abalutzk, have both received the highest marks for their level in the ENTIRE country! Congrats girls, you deserve it!

And the great news just keeps on coming! We are thrilled to additionally announce that the following students have won State Certificates of Excellence with the Royal Conservatory of Music for 2018! Each received the highest score in the STATE on their respective levels of voice: Prem Pendkar, Level 7 voice; Deeya Yadapadithaya, Level 5 voice; Julia Orff, Level 4 voice; Anne Wu, Level 3 voice; and, Mia Quinn, Level 1 voice. Congrats kiddos!

Encore Music Academy and Recording Studios is proud to be a Founding School and Test Center for the Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program.

The Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program provides a recognized national standard of success in music study from beginner to advanced levels.  It inspires excellence through individual student assessments that are central to the Program, while also supporting teachers with high-quality and innovative resources. RCM allows students to measure and celebrate accomplishment and track their progress withing the United States, but also throughout the world..  All students and teachers, globally, are invited to participate, and Encore Music Academy is proud to offer these opportunities here, and through outreach to the surrounding communities.

Why Study the Program?

See what the Conservatory says regarding why this program is so important!

The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program is a comprehensive system of music study and assessment from Elementary through to Advanced levels. In many countries, it is considered the gold standard for developing high-calibre musical literacy.

At each level of the RCM Certificate Program, students are supported with accompanying publications to help them develop into well-rounded musicians. With a focus on nurturing creativity and developing self-confidence, our program allows students to work at their own pace.

Our integrated curriculum encompasses repertoire from classical to contemporary, as well as etudes, ear tests, sight reading, technique, and theory for over 20 instruments, voice, and speech arts and drama. Individual student examinations, delivered by one of our 300+ accredited examiners, enable students to track their progress and celebrate their accomplishments.

Our Role

Encore is an official and accredited Testing Center for the RCM Certificate Program. This means that students studying the program, from as far as Maine and Vermont, travel to our location to take their assessments.

RCM Assessments

Examinations are used to periodically measure a student’s progress as they navigate the program and it’s levels. Exams have multiple benefits including promoting student engagement, and offering an incentive for student practice and achievement. Participants are graded on proficiency in the following areas: performance; technical requirements; aural skills; rhythm; and, sight-reading ability. Examinations are available for both Practical (performance) and Theory (written).

Check out RCM’s website information regarding the official examinations:

Practical examinations evaluate the performance of repertoire, etudes or vocalises, aural skills, sight reading or singing, and orchestral excerpts for string, brass, and wind instruments.

Theory examinations evaluate the understanding of theory basics such as musical notation. Advanced levels include harmony, counterpoint, analysis, and history.

The Benefits of Exams

  • Build self-confidence
  • Encourage goal setting
  • Provide a national standard for students to track their progress
  • Promote well-rounded musical training

What to Expect at an Examination

  • An objective assessment of the student’s skill for that level
  • A friendly yet professional atmosphere
  • Personalized feedback and marks available online within a few weeks

For more information, see RCM’s Examination Resources for Students if you are signed up for an Exam or thinking about signing up, and would like some more information!

Student Achievement

Why take an assessment? Recognition of accomplishment!

There are multiple opportunities to win medals, honors and certificates. Levels of achievement are determined by the following scale:

First Class Honors with Distinction: An assessment score of 90 to 100.

First Class Honors: An assessment score of 80 to 89.

Honors: An assessment score of 70 to 79.

Pass: An assessment score of 60 to 69.

Encore Music Academy’s Latest Honors:

First Class Honors with Distinction

November 2017:

Claire Bauer – Voice Level 6, age 14, Franklin

Maura Johnston – Voice Level 2, age 15, Norfolk

Alyssa McGuirl – Voice Level 1, age 9, Millis

Mia Quinn – Voice level 1, age 11, Franklin


May 2018:

Sneha Mukkavilli – Piano Level 1, age 10,  Walpole

Max Olson – Piano Level 4 AND Theory Level 5, age 16, Medway

Julia Orff – Theory Level 5, age 16, Mendon

Sunehri Verma – Theory Level 5, age 10, Franklin


First Class Honors

November 2017:

Arnav Deshpande – Piano Level 2, age 11, Franklin

Reilly Guilmartin – Piano Level 1, age 10, Medway

Bableen Gill – Piano Level 1, age 11, Franklin

Julia Orff – Voice Level 4, age 15, Mendon

Logan Tetreault – Piano Preparatory B, age 9, Northbridge

Timothy Reda – Voice Level 3, age 11, Millis

Sunehri Verma – Theory Level 5, age 9, Franklin

Anne Wu – Voice level 3, age 11, Shrewsbury

Deeya Yadapadithaya – Voice Level 5, age 13, Medfield

Iain Yarbrough – Piano Level 2, age 15, Wrentham


May 2018:

Emma Birdsong – Voice Level 1, age 10, Medfield

Corbin Devenney – Piano Prep B, age 8, Bellingham

Abigail George – Voice Level 6, age 17, Franklin

Bableen Gill – Piano Level 2, age 12, Franklin

Emma Gudz – Voice Level 2, age 12, Millville

Chai Harsha – Piano Level 4, age 14, Franklin

Shanna Henderson – Voice Level 2, age 12, Franklin

Kaylee Lukasek – Piano Level 5, age 15, Mendon

Alyssa McGuirl – Voice Level 2, age 9, Millis

Brianna Michael – Voice Level 4, age 16, Shrewsbury

Prem Pendkar – Voice Level 7, age 13, Franklin

Danny Pylee – Piano Level 1, age 10, Medway

Aarush Rao – Piano Prep B, age 8, Franklin

Sid Rao – Piano Level 1, age 11, Franklin

Jared Sangil – Piano Level 2, age 13, Holliston

Kerry Tracey – Voice Level 1, age 14, Medway

AJ Trull – Voice Level 1, age 8, Franklin

Sunehri Verma – Voice Level 3, age 10, Franklin



November 2017:

Andrea Cabochan – Piano Level 2, age 12, Medfield

Samyuktha Chaganti – Piano Level 3, age 12, Franklin

Ella Griffin – Piano Level 3, age 11, Franklin

Hannah Laurence – Piano Level 4, age 11, Franklin

Meghan Laurence – Voice Level 6, age 13, Mendon

Justin McElhiney – Piano Level 4, age 18, Medway


May 2018:

Shreya Choudhury – Voice Level 6, age 14, Franklin

Lauren Macalpine – Piano Prep B, age 9, Milford

Arianna Michael – Piano Level 4. age 13, Shrewsbury

Julia Sangil – Piano Level 1, age 11. Holliston

Maria Silva – Piano Prep B, age 10, Franklin