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July 23, 2018

“The Sounds of Encore”

By Laura Ostrow, Office Manager

You drive up to the familiar Encore sign, walk up to the door, and may already hear music flowing from inside the entryway of the building. As you open the door and take your first step in, you hear a symphony of sounds all at once, creating a chorus of laughter, song, and music. To your right, you hear the typing away of the office manager who greets you with a smile saying “hello.” As you walk in further, you may hear the songbird sound of a student singing an Italian Aria in the classroom on your left, mixed with possibly a grungy electric guitar rock song in the room straight ahead. As you move into the reception area, you may hear the heartbeat of the school through the steady beat of a drummer practicing his rhythm. And when you walk through the main room, you may hear a full ensemble singing, playing instruments, or practicing for their next big performance. As you step into the recording studio, it is suddenly quiet, peaceful, and the sounds of Encore become muffled through the burgundy soundproof walls. You hear audio feedback, as the mix master closely listens and carefully tunes the track to perfect pitch. As you exit the studio and continue through Encore’s hallways, you may hear a class discussing the intricacies of theory, and in the next room, those same intricacies being sung out clear in song.

These are the welcoming sounds of Encore. These are the sounds of our students’ second home. You are welcome here! 🙂